16'' Black 16:10 WUXGA UltraPC Laptop with Windows 11 Pro, 16GB LPDDR4x, & 1TB Dual SSD slots

Sale price$2,687.50


16U70Q-N.APC7U1 | LG UltraPC Laptop

For Videoconferencing

- Virtual Presenter: Keep audiences engaged when they see you present alongside the presentation.
- Auto Mute: Mutes and unmutes you based on your screen distance.
- Mute Warning: Notifies you if you’re talking while muted.
- Virtual Camera: Blurs or replaces the background, adjusts portrait framing (auto-centering), and corrects brightness.

Powerful Performance, Lightweight Design

LG UltraPC 16U70Q delivers powerful performance for multi-tasking and it's lightweight body (3.53 lbs.) makes portability a breeze for the on-the-go business person.
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 Processor 5825U with 8 Cores, AMD Radeon Graphics

16:10 Aspect Ratio

Designed for work productivity, the screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio. With 11% more screen real estate compared to 16:9 ratio, you can have more items showing on your screen.

Anti-glare Screen | Less Reflection, Less Interference

The anti-glare IPS display prevents screen reflections, making it easy to see items on your screen during the day or while outdoors.

Adopted New Windows 11

Windows 11 supports the tasks that need a high performance such as multi-tasking, gaming, and creating content.

Powerful AMD CPU

LG UltraPC 16U70Q with AMD Ryzen™ 5000 series processors supports multi-tasking with powerful performance.

AMD Radeon™ Graphics

With high-performance graphics, detailed work on photos, video editing, and high-definition video viewing can be performed.

LPDDR4x Dual Channel Memory & Dual NVMe SSD

The fast data transmission speed of LPDDR4x 4266MHz memory and Dual NVMe SSD helps you experience fast performance even when running high-end programs on the PC.

Secure Your Work

Keep your computer protected with Presence Detection that locks your screen when you walk away and Smart Display to blur your screen to prevent people behind you from viewing it.

Protecting Your Privacy

Protect your privacy at all times with:
- Presence Detection: Automatically locks or turns off the screen when you leave your laptop.
- Smart Display: Blurs the screen when you look away.
- Privacy Alert: Shows an onscreen warning if someone looks over your shoulder.
- Privacy Guard: Blurs the screen if someone else is looking at your screen.

Your Face Controls the Screen

Work conveniently with face and gaze tracking through:
- Snap Window: Efficiently transfers active content to the screen you're working on.
- Smart Pointer: Tracks your gaze and moves the mouse pointer accordingly.

High Capacity 72Wh Battery

With long battery life you can keep working while others look for an AC outlet.

Various Ports

USB Type-C™, standard HDMI, USB-A, and Micro SD slots, can be utilized to improve connectivity and productivity.

DTS: X Ultra | Immersive Sound Experience

DTS:X Ultra is truly immersive 3D audio rendering over Speakers and Headphones, providing a rich, realistic, and powerful sound experience.

Securely Log On with Fingerprint Reader

With the LG UltraPC you don’t need to remember a password, because the fingerprint recognition allows you to log on or wake your laptop by touching the power button.

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