2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/ Backbox

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2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker w/Backbox(w/o volume switch)

These 25/70-volt Lay-In Ceiling Speaker assemblies provide a quick and easy solution to speaker installations.

The S-422A-2 is complete speaker assemblies including baffle and back box. This integral design meets or exceeds ASTM E84 Flame & Smoke Test with a 3-hour burn rating (UL 181), which allows this integrated package to be used in plenum type drop ceilings.

Several inputs are provided on the S-422A-2 assembly to provide the proper volume level when used in different acoustical environments.


  • Provides excellent music and voice reproduction
  • Integral backbox with three hour burn rating
  • Easy lay-in mounting
  • 25/70 volt transformer
  • Scuff resistant perforated grill
  • Durable white acrylic baked enamel finish

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