24Gbps 4-core Active Optical HDMI Cable w/ Detachable Head

Size: 164 FT
Sale price$543.00


24Gbps 4-core Active Optical HDMI Cable | 4K HDR 4:4:4/60 | Kevlar strengthened | Detachable Head | Plenum & FT6 Rated

The WyreStorm HAOC is a next generation HDMI cable designed for the next generation of 4K and 5K HDR content. It offers a unique feature set in both delivering uncompressed HDMI content at up to 24Gbps and compatibility with emerging HDMI technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) & VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) using the latest in optical transmission technology.

Now established as the most powerful form of HDMI extension, WyreStorm active optical cables offer the best of both worlds: pixel-perfect long distance transmission of content and native HDMI communication.

This model features a detachable RX head and is certified for fire safety.


Using a 4-core transmission system and passive optical transmission, the CAB-HAOC cables are compatible with content exceeding the current HDMI 2.0 standard. With each core rated at 6Gbps, the combined bandwidth means that the CAB-HAOC will support future content up to 24Gbps, equating to 4K/60 4:4:4 10-bit. Emerging resolutions in gaming are also supported, such as 2560x1440p @144Hz.


It’s not all about raw bandwidth and transmission power, HDMI technology works by sending huge amounts of invisible “metadata” in both directions and it’s this information that makes or breaks a viewing experience. WyreStorm Active Optical Cables have been verified to not only ensure that the A/V signal gets to its destination but also the invisible metadata too. CEC, ARC, ALLM and VRR are all supported by WyreStorm HAOC’s.


Considered to be the world’s leading authority on display calibration and image integrity, ISF (The Imaging Science Foundation) have rated the technology behind the WyreStorm HAOC cables as amongst the best in the world, surpassing their benchmark certification process. This confirms that HDMI optical transmission can not only match copper in terms of signal integrity but far exceed it in transmission distance, confirming its status as a compelling transmission method.

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