Ultra-HD LED Display (No Touch)

Size: 65"
Sale price$1,999.00


The NT Series streamlines how you communicate in meetings or in the classroom by focusing on being a brilliant, easy to control display.

The NT Series, a new non-touch display, brings you everything you need for presentations, wireless casting, and sharing files and videos.

Have everything you want on a bright, vivid display without paying for more features that your organization doesn’t need.

The NT Series comes with a built-in microphone. Just add a modular camera and use the embedded microphone to be heard in videoconferences.

With echo cancellation, noise reduction, and reverb removal, be understood no matter your acoustics and have a crisp, clear audio experience.


Control by Remote: Use a remote control to change slides, pull up different apps, or switch sources.

No Touch: No need to touch the screen, save the interactivity for any devices you connect.

Go Wireless: Built-in Newline Cast app lets you connect your own device and cast your small screen, hassle-free.

Embedded Microphone: Just add a camera and use the built-in 6-element array to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Superior Image Quality: NT Series supports Ultra High-Definition (4K) resolution and leads the industry in brightness.

Access to the Cloud: Save and share your files on the display directly to your preferred cloud storage service.

OPS capable

All NT series interactive touch panels come with an easy to access OPS port. Add a powerful on-board computer to bring the power of a desktop computer to your display.

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