AB-ZE Rigging Kit | Universal Array Bracket Mounting System (up to 4 speakers)

Sale price$215.00


Universal Array Bracket Mounting System - For up to (4) ZX1i or EVID 3.2, 4.2 or 6.2 speakers - Enables either pole or threaded rod mounting - Includes one piece bracket, mounting hardware and safety plate.

The AB-ZE is a versatile array bracket that is used to suspend EVID or ZX1i loudspeaker arrays, using a unique design to minimize assembly time.

The AB-ZE kit is compatible with EVID 3.2, EVID 4.2, EVID 6.2, ZX1i-90 and ZX1i-100 loudspeakers, and can be used with either two or four loudspeakers to create 180° and 360° horizontal arrays, respectively.

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