AC Power Conditioner and Spike Suppressor 20A

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2 Outlet 20A Power Distribution Raceway Module with Current Monitoring - ECM20M

The ETA Systesms ETA-ECM20M is a 20A Power Conditioner and AC Spike Suppressor that is designed to be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a ETA-ECS6RM or ETA-SEQ6 sequencing unit up to 1000ft away.

The ETA-ECM20M features AC Spike and Surge Suppression, AC Mains Voltage monitoring, EVS circuitry, and Remote Activation. In addition, the ETA-ECM20M features noise filtering for removing unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and EMI filters to reduce noise from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) caused by items such as electric motors or switching power supplies.

The ETA-ECM20M is designed to be conveniently housed in the ECM-RACEWY6 for the addition of multiple outlets directly connected to the AC mains from the electrical panel.


  • 2 Outlets, 20A
  • Manual/Auto On/Off Switch
  • Incoming AC Present LED
  • Active LED
  • AC Fault LED
  • Clamping Spike & Surge Suppression
  • AC Mains Voltage & Current Monitoring
  • Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference Filtering

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