Adapter Ring with USB-C, DisplayPort & Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Cable Lock

Sale price$192.00


The WyreRing provides a simple yet effective way to ensure compatibility of BYOD in a meeting space without the need for a presentation switcher or over-specified system. The simple adapter ring provides 3 HDMI converters: USB-C, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort.

All 3 converters support up to 4K60 video passthrough. The secure cable lock attaches to any HDMI cable up to 10mm in diameter. The metal reinforced ring provides a strong and durable connection to the converters that won’t wear out after repeated use.


Equipped with USB-C, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters, no matter what BYOD computer or mobile device is being used, there will be compatibility.


The adapter ring securely attaches to any HDMI cable up to 10mm in diameter. No need to worry about the ring being lost or stolen. Once attached, it is there to stay.


The ring that attaches the converters to the cable lock is made of a reinforced metal that ensures durability and longevity. No matter much the adapter ring gets use or moved around, the converters will stay attached.


Every adapter that is included with the WyreRing is capable of sending up to 4K60 content from compatible devices, providing crystal clear AV delivery.

Additional Features

  • 3 HDMI converters included: USB-C, DisplayPort & Mini DisplayPort
  • Ideal for small meeting spaces where presentation switchers are not needed
  • All converters are capable of transmitting 4K60 video content
  • Secure cable lock ensures connection of the WyreRing to HDMI cable is there to stay
  • Metal reinforced ring provides durable and secure connection to converters
  • Metal information tag attached provides model number and information
  • Includes crosshead screwdriver for attaching cable lock to HDMI cable

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