1205 Audio Interface

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Audio Interface for Microphone and Music Inputs to the Algo 8301

The 1205 Audio Interface provides a method for connecting a music source and microphone to the Algo 8301 paging adapter.

Audio from the 8301 can be broadcast using multicast over the network to IP endpoints, including Algo speakers and multicast-supported telephones. A line output from the 8301 is also available to bridge audio to legacy analog paging systems. Audio can be simultaneously broadcast to IP endpoints and legacy infrastructure at the same time if required.

A rotary control knob on the Audio Interface has three positions for music, microphone and off. The 8301 will automatically detect the control knob position to start playing audio for either the microphone or music input as selected or stop playing audio in the off state.

Music input from a 3.5mm stereo jack is compatible with an iPod and other sources. Left and right stereo channels are combined into a balanced mono signal compatible with public address (PA) infrastructure. The music volume is adjusted by both the Audio Input Volume setting in the web interface of the 8301 and manual adjustment of the source level.

The microphone input uses an XLR connector compatible with dynamic microphones such as the Sennheiser E835 and similar microphones that do not require phantom power. Microphone volume is adjusted using the Audio Input Volume setting in the 8301 web interface.


  • Upgrading legacy voice paging / public address (PA) systems to VoIP where a microphone is required to be used (e.g., school, manufacturing plant / factory, retail, warehouse, etc.).
  • Backup alternative for voice paging using a microphone if VoIP telephone system is down and calling a telephone extension for making a voice announcement is not possible.
  • Wall mount music input for conference rooms, classrooms, etc.

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