8138 IP Color Visual Alerter

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IP Color Visual Alerter for Telephone, Safety, Security & Emergency Alerting – PoE

The PoE 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter is a four-color LED visual alerting IP endpoint in amber, blue, green and red. This outdoor-rated PoE IP strobe light is designed for telephone ringing where noise, noise sensitivity, or hearing impairment are at issue. Together with Algo IP speakers, the 8138 is also commonly deployed as part of public address (PA) and mass notification systems to visually alert for safety, security, and emergency events.

The 8138 alerter is a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, this IP strobe light is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

The 8138 IP Color Visual Alerter is UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.

IP Visual Alerting for Enhanced Situational Awareness

The 8138 IP Visual Alerters is a four color LED including amber, blue, green and red. The alerter’s color options are designed to enhance notification and alerting of telephone, safety, security and emergency events. Typically the 8138 is deployed with Algo IP speakers using multicast, to design a notification system that aligns a visual alert color with the speaker’s broadcast for an alert tone / announcement. For example, Amber – Shelter, Blue – Medical, Green – All Clear, Red – Lockdown.


The 8138 Alerter may be actived using its API interface for additional applications where the color capabilities are advantageous.

Such as visual indication ie GO, STOP, WARNING, DANGER, CLEAR etc.

Multi-Application SIP Extensions

Multiple SIP registrations are available in this IP alerter, including Page (50), Emergency Alert (10) and Ring (10) extensions. On Page, the alerter will auto-answer and flash until the call is ended by the caller (this allows long duration events). For Ring, the alerter will not answer but flash for the duration of ring.  Emergency Alert extensions activate the strobe to flash until the event is cancelled by calling a separate extension.

Scale Algo IP Visual Alerters Over Any Size Building or Campus

The 8138 IP Color Alerter Color supports multicast send or receive. As a result, many Algo alerters can be deployed to cover any size building, campus or enterprise.  There is no limit to the number of devices receiving a multicast, and a minimum of network traffic activity is utilized. Multiple alerters activated by multicast will flash in a synchronized pattern.

A single registered 8138 can be configured to multicast to any number and mix of Algo IP speakers, paging adapters, strobe lights and multicast supported IP telephones.

Zone Paging

Multicast zone paging for up to 50 zones can be configured from a single 8138 strobe light. Zones can be selected one of two ways. One option is to map multicast page zones to individual SIP extensions on the endpoint. Fifty (50) page extensions are available for this purpose. Alternatively, in order to minimize SIP registrations, multicast page zones can be configured in the SIP strobe light as a DTMF key press selection using the dial pad of telephone making the page call.

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