8410 IP Display Speaker

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IP Visual Display Speaker for Visual and Audible Alerting and Notification

Algo’s 8410 IP Visual Display Speaker is a SIP-compliant notification device that comprises three core components – a 15.6″ LCD screen, high intelligibility speakers, and high-visibility LED flashers – to create highly flexible and effective visual and audible communication.

The combined functionality of the LCD display screen, speaker, and flashing LEDs enable voice paging, visual or audible alerting, and informational visual content, such as scrolling text messages, visual paging, or graphic images.

High-Visibility LED Flashers

With three color options available – red, amber, and green – the LED flashers on the 8410 allow for multi-color alerting. Color coding can be used to represent different kinds of notifications and alerts. Paired with the multiple flash patterns available, a user has complete flexibility in their mass notification environment. The flashers also allow for different intensities to be either the most attention-getting or to be a little more subtle based on the environment.

Utilizing the IP Display Speaker as an Integrated Solution

With the combination of speakers, LCD screen, and flashers, the 8410 IP Display Speaker is a highly customizable and flexible mass communication device. While an audible page is being made, the message could also be displayed as scrolling text on the screen so those who may not be able to hear an announcement clearly can also read the message to ensure they receive the full details.

In an emergency situation, such as a lockdown, the flashers can be used to quickly capture attention and instruction can be played over the speakers and screen.

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