All-in-One Portable Business Conference Camera

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All-in-One Portable Business Meeting Wide Angle USB Video Conference Camera Webcam, Mic, and Speaker, 1080p

This All‑In‑One Conferencing Camera, Mic, and Speaker is designed for ease of use in small meetings and huddle rooms and is perfect for 1‑6 users. It works with computer‑based video conferencing apps and cloud services.

This camera is easy to setup for use with computers. It uses a standard USB 2.0 connection, so it readily works with most laptops and desktops. There is only one cable to plug in. No separate power, audio, or video cables are needed. It is plug and play, so it easy to setup and use, no drivers are needed for Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OS™, and Linux®. Just enable the camera through your operating system or conferencing app to use.

The camera's video capabilities are specifically designed for meetings, with the 105 degree wide angle lens framing multiple meeting participants in the picture, while preventing fisheye distortion. The sensor is spec'd to use ambient office lighting, while the 1080p video resolution balances HD resolution with data bandwidth requirements.

Audio is likewise tuned for small meeting room settings. Echo cancellation ensures clear audio, while the omnidirectional mic is designed to pick up audio from within a 10 foot diameter to minimize background noise.

All this in one compact package that can be easily installed in meetings rooms. It is also portable enough to be packed and used with laptops when on the go.


  • Designed for small teams and small meetings
  • USB 2.0 connection for power, video, and audio
  • No drivers required for Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OS™, or Linux®
  • Use with popular internet-based video conferencing software
  • Video and audio optimized for web meetings
  • Perfect for use with laptops, even on the go

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