ANS501 | Ambient Noise Sensor

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Model ANS501 - Ambient Noise Sensor

The Bogen Ambient Noise Sensor system is designed to monitor continuously changing ambient noise levels and electronically adjust the level of a page announcement and/or background music so intelligibility is maintained.

The system consists of the control module (Model ANS501), a microphone module (ANS500M), and a power supply.

The system ensures that page announcements and music are audible even during periods of high noise levels by continuously monitoring the ambient noise level through a microphone module located in the subject area and adjusting the paging signal level into the system’s amplifier.

  • Automatically adjusts paging level as ambient noise levels rise and fall
  • Supports up to 4 small sensor microphones (1 ANS500M included) for large areas

  • Sensor microphones can be located up to 2,000 feet from control unit
  • Easily connects in at pre-amp out -power amp in process loop

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