ATP10 | 10W Attenuator w/Bypass

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Model ATP10 - 10W Attenuator w/Bypass

The ATP10 attenuator allows the output level of a network of 25V or 70V speakers to be controlled from a wall-mounted volume control, without affecting overall amplifier volume settings.

A bypass function overrides the volume control knob setting when activated by 9V to 30V DC.

Applying 9V to 30V DC between pins labeled D+ and D- bypasses the volume control function and provides full volume audio to the speakers. The ATP-Series attenuators feature etched faceplate markings. 

The ATP10 provides a choice of 10 stops and an “off” position, and shall be capable of controlling up to 10-watt speaker systems. The unit measures 2-3/4" W x 4-1/2" H x 2-5/8" D and weighs 13 oz.

  • Adjusts loudspeaker output levels on 25V and 70V systems
  • Bypass function allows important/emergency announcements to be heard at the highest level even if local attenuator volume is set low or off
  • 2 models control up to 10-watt and 35-watt speaker systems
  • 10 attenuation steps and an off setting
  • Attenuation in 3 dB increments except for two lowest settings, which provide 6 dB reduction increments
  • Mounts in standard electrical box, single (ATP10) or double (ATP35)
  • Convenient pluggable screw terminal connections

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