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Dual lens camera with AI technology.

The CAM550 a 4K dual lens camera equipped with an IA lens for automated PTZ functionality, which delivers a full view of meeting attendees and detects newcomers. The Smart Gallery feature puts up clear views of participants during video calling, whether you are in a large conference room or working remotely.

Enable gesture control camera operation to enjoy a fluent, safe video calling experience. 4K dual-lens camera technology captures the room in its entirety, providing a premium conferencing experience for mid-to-large scale rooms. 

4K dual lens camera captures a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The CAM550 is equipped with two 4K lenses. The first is a PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom (24X total zoom) to clearly frame meeting participants in medium to large rooms. The second is an AI lens with 95° FOV to provide a panoramic view of the room. Picture-in-picture functions to simultaneously view the speaker and a panoramic view of the room. 

Camera can easily be controlled and enable AI functions by holding up on finger on either side of your face. Take advantage of built-in AI gesture recognition to operate the camera and eliminates touchpoints to increase meeting safety. 

Clearly capture attendees with Smart Gallery, which enables AI technology to crop participants faces and make sure everyone is looking great. You can choose between headshot and half body mode to adapt to any meeting situation. Great for collaboration  or video calling. 

Enhanced meeting efficiency with dynamic framing. When newcomers walk in, the secondary AI lens springs to action to deck them, then the PTZ camera automatically re-frames participants for the perfect video frame. Through fully automatic operation, this dynamic framing optimizes meeting and protects the safety of participants by removing points of touch in the room. 

The CAM550 features an HDMI connection so you can enable a second display for virtual meetings. Simultaneously connect HDMI, USB, and IP streaming broadcasting. Simultaneous connections allow you to easily monitor your stream during recording use a local recording service to watch recordings later. 

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