BalanceBox 650 Height Adjustable Wall Mount (650-130 + VESA)

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ViewSonic BalanceBox 650 - Cart - for interactive flat panel / LCD display - screen size: 86" - for ViewBoard IFP8650 Interactive Flat Panel, IFP8670

The ViewSonic VB-BLW-005 is a BalanceBox 650 Wall Mount compatible for 65" to 75" displays.

  • 25.60" of vertical adjustment
  • Fast and effortless high-low adjustment
  • No electric connection needed

It is the perfect manual height adjustable wall mount solution to move your interactive touchscreens up and down. This mechanical wall lift has a weight capacity of 67 to 127 kg (147.7 to 280 lbs) in a compact design that will be hidden behind the screen.

It has a vertical adjustment of 25.60". No electric connection needed.

The VB-BLW-005 BalanceBox 650 wall mount features a fast and effortless high-low adjustment with a unique worldwide patented spring balance system.

It is easy to transport, easy to mount, and easy to use for any touchscreen. No maintenance required. It is also compatible with BalanceBox Wings. A 3-year warranty is included.

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