8760 1-pair 18 AWG Shielded Audio | 1,000' Reel (Gray)

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Belden 8760 1-pair 18 AWG stranded audio/control/instrumentation cable with twisted pair, foil shield and PVC jacket. Indoor use.

Belden 8760 audio/control/instrumentation cable with 1-pair 18 AWG stranded (16x30) TC (tinned copper) conductors, polyethylene insulation, twisted pair, overall Beldfoil shield (100% coverage) and PVC jacket.

Rated for indoor use. Applications audio, control and instrumentation. Belden analog audio cables are used for connecting line level audio equipment in either permanent or semi-permanent installations.

They consist of one or two individually foil-shielded, twisted pairs. Once installed, they are not intended to be moved while in service.

Belden analog audio cable offering consists of a selection of designs to handle a variety of audio applications.

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