Parlé ABC 2500

Sale price$2,200.00


ParléTM ABC 2500 is an all-in-one conferencing bar featuring Biamp Audio Intelligence to deliver a premium audiovisual experiences for small and medium conference rooms.

With integrated AEC and NRD, the ABC 2500 uses a 27-element mic array and Biamp BeamtrackingTM technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room.

Two smart speakers use distortion compensation and dynamic bass enhancement technology to create room filling audio with superior speech reproduction.

The ABC 2500 also features Biamp Launch, an automated tuning system that optimizes the audio to each unique conference space.

Parlé ABC 2500 can be plugged directly into a UC System with a single USB connection or can be paired with a DevioTM SCR-10 for a BYOD system.


  • Deep learning noise reduction algorithm for clear voice reproduction
  • Beamtracking technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations
  • Low distortion smart speakers
  • Biamp Launch for one touch automatic tuning  
  • LED indications for mute status
  • Table, wall, and display mount options available


The conferencing audio bar shall be designed to work with soft codec conferencing systems. The conferencing audio bar shall include a twenty-seven element digital microphone array.

The conferencing audio bar microphones shall offer multidirectional beamforming and automatic signal tracking capabilities. The Beamtracking technology shall operate in conjunction with acoustic echo cancellation technology (AEC) in accordance with US Patent 9659576.

The conferencing audio bar shall have two low distortion speakers. The conferencing audio bar shall include dynamic bass enhancement and distortion compensation technology.

The conferencing audio bar shall support an automated audio setup process that optimizes audio output levels after physical installation is complete. The conferencing audio bar shall be mountable on a tabletop, wall, or display.

The conferencing audio bar shall be CE marked, UL listed, and compliant with the RoHS directive. Warranty shall be three years. The conferencing audio bar shall be the ParléTM ABC 2500.

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