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Unlock a new level of meeting clarity with the next-generation BM35 speakerphone. Crystal clear audio combines with a powerful pick-range to transform any small to mid-sized meeting space.

Break free from the restrictions of wired devices with an agile, flexible solution that adapts as quickly as your team. In the home, the business office, or anywhere else, the BM35 is the ultimate part for clear conversation.

Portability and practicality come together in a powerful audio device, built for better meetings. The BM35 is optimized to keep human voices clear.

Capturing every utterance in perfect detail, the BM35 empowers any team. Hi-Fi sound quality also ensures exceptional listening experiences when playing music or videos.

  • Amplify conference quality with superior sound
  • Exceptional coverage without distortion - 360 degree omnidirectional audio algorithms
  • Reverberation suppression and AI noise cancellation
  • Consistent volume for smoother conversation
  • Expandable to suit any larger space
  • Plug-and-play type C connections, Bluetooth dongles, and NFC connections
  • Built-in 4400mAh battery, up to 15 hours with no power problems

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