C20 | Classic 20 Watt Amplifier

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20 Watts - 4,8,16 Ohms, 25V, and 70V balanced * 508W - Classic series - Versatile, reliable , economical, the "Classic" Series PA Amplifiers are the most widely used Bogen PA Amplifiers

* Offering a choice of models from 10 watts to 100 watts * Built-in balanced low impedance microphone inputs * Built-in microphone precedence circuit

* They can operate even at extreme temperatures. Thermal and electrical circuit breakers protect the "Classic" series amplifiers against any abnormal heat buildup and short-circuited or overload out puts. Rack mountable (Requires RPK50) and UL and CSA listed. C35, C60 and C100 intended for medium to large applications.


  • C10 & C20 have 10W and 20W output power, respectively
  • Transformer isolated 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω, 25V and 70V output taps

  • Rear panel auxiliary receptacle

  • One dedicated MIC 1 input — Lo-Z balanced

  • One switchable MIC 2/AUX 1 input

  • Contact muting of AUX input

  • Transformer-isolated 600Ω telephone paging input

  • Separate rear panel-mounted TEL volume control

  • Voice-activated muting of AUX input by TEL input

  • Variable trigger threshold for voice activation

  • Optional wall mount kit

  • Optional impedance matching transformer 10k/600Ω

  • Listed to UL Standard 60065 for US and Canada

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