C60 | Public Address Classic Series Mixer Amplifier (60 Watts)

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The C60 Public Address System Amplifier Classic Series Mixer Amplifier 60-Watt by Bogen Communications is a public address mixer amplifier that provide mixing of microphones, telephone, and auxiliary sources. Output screw terminals are provided for 4-ohm (direct) and 8-ohm (C35 & C60 models only), 16-ohm, 25V and 70V (transformer-coupled) speaker systems. Output jacks let you connect to a tape recorder or an additional booster amplifier, or feed a 600-ohm telephone line when an accessory transformer (Model WMT1A) is used.


  • Power Output (RMS):  C60 Rated 60W
  • Frequency Response & Distortion: Transformer† 70 Hz-16 kHz (± 2 dB) @ 1% max. 4-Ohm Direct Output 20 Hz-20 kHz (± 1 dB) @ 0.5% max.
  • Hum and Noise: MIC 55 dB below rated output AUX 70 dB below rated output TEL 70 dB below rated output
  • Input Sensitivity: MIC Lo-Z Balanced 600μV AUX 85mV TEL 75mV
  • Outputs: 8 ohms,16 ohms, 25V, 70V transformerisolated balanced or unbalanced; 4 ohms direct unbalanced
  • Output Connections: Screw terminal strip, TAPE/BOOSTER jack; WMT1A jack (requires accessory transformer)
  • Input Connections: Screw terminals for MIC and TEL, two AUX Hi-Z jacks
  • Controls: MIC1, MIC2/AUX (switch selected), AUX 2, BASS, TREBLE, TEL, VOX
  • Thermal Emissions: C60: 228.8 BTU/hr
  • Tone Control: Treble, ±11 dB @ 10 kHz; Bass ±11 dB @ 100 Hz
  • Power Requirements: C60: 148W
  • Dimensions: 14-1/2" W x 3-3/4" H x 11" D
  • Product Weight: 17 lb.

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