Call station, 8-zone

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Call Station, 8 Zones - PLM8CS

The PLM-8CS PLENA matrix 8 Zone Call Station is an accessory of the PLM-8M8 PLENA matrix 8 channel DSP Matrix Mixer, and like any good accessory it has a complementary aesthetic design, but behind the good looks and sleek design, there is a product of substance and usability.

With one touch, the call station can call either a single zone, or a user defined group of zones.

  • Capacitive touch
  • Programmable zone selection
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Powered from PLM-8M8
  • Loop-through to connect with either more Call Stations or Wall Control Panels

Installation couldn’t be easier; Powered over standard CAT 5 from the PLM-8M8, the unit’s communication is via RS485, this means that multiple call stations can be daisy‐chained together reducing cable runs and installation time.

Controls and indicators

There are 8 capacitive touch areas on the surface to select zones before a call, and the LED lights are white. The PTT button is a mechanical interface, to give the user tactile feedback that the PTT has been activated. In addition to this feedback there is a LED strip above the PTT button to give the indications when the zone is busy “red”, to wait while a preamble chime is being played “yellow”, and to indicate the microphone is open and active “green”. LEDs illuminate in the microphone stem and the PTT LED strip giving the user confidence that the microphone is open and active.


Labeling the unit couldn't be easier. Simply use the PC GUI software to print of the labels. This will also include white text on black background, so the aesthetics of the unit are kept.

Unit ID and Priorities

Priorities are made in the software of the PLM‐8M8 8‐channel DSP Matrix Mixer, and each call station has its unique ID, this is set via DIP switches in the base of the call station.

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