Captivate™ 4K ePTZ Auto-Framing Camera

Sale price$550.00



  • USB-C®interface for video and audio, as well as device powering
  • Automatically detects and re-frames camera for up to 6 participants 
  • 4x digital zoom and 110° wide horizontal field of view
  • Fast, responsive ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt, and zoom) camera functions
  • 2-microphone array with 5 meter (16 foot) audio pickup range
  • Available video resolutions from 640×360 up to 4K @ 30 Hz (up to 1080p with ePTZ or auto-framing)

Enterprise-Grade Camera for Huddle Rooms

The AT-CAP-FC110 delivers high quality performance and imaging of a conventional PTZ camera, but with a size and price appropriate for environments with up to 6 people. This camera perfectly complements small Omega Series AV systems.

Wide Coverage for Small Spaces

This camera offers a wide 110° horizontal field of view that provides generous coverage for huddle rooms and smaller meeting spaces. User-adjustable ePTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) position controls are available to achieve the best possible image composition.


The CAP-FC110 can automatically resize and center the image based on detection of up to six people. This is a great feature that optimizes image composition to help make the meeting more engaging for remote participants. The auto-framing continuously adapts whenever someone enters or leaves the camera’s field of view.

USB-C Interface

The CAP-FC110 requires just a single USB-C cable for video and audio, as well as powering the camera.

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