Cat 5e Shielded Modular Jack

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Belden Cat 5e shielded RJ45 KeyConnect modular jack with IDC termination. KeyConnect modules are compact in size for optimum workstation outlet density

Belden AX104595 Cat 5e shielded RJ45 KeyConnect modular jack with IDC connection for rear termination.

T568A/B wiring. Metal connector body. These jacks are compatible with KeyConnect faceplates, adapters, boxes and patch panels.

Connectors are individually packaged in a plastic bag. Applications - IBDN Shielded System 1200, TIA Screened Category 5e , ISO Class D, 1000BASE-T.

All Belden KeyConnect components are designed to provide maximum durability, protection and reliable performance.

Each modular component of the KeyConnect series seamlessly fits together to suit any data, voice, video or multimedia application; this includes UTP modules for all performance levels of data networking, coax modules for CCTV and high-definition video applications, multimode and single-mode optical modules for fiber-to-the-desk, and a variety of audio-video modules for multimedia applications.

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