CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun (24VAC-To-12VDC)

Sale price$61.00


The CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun allows video and remote power to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat5e/6 cable, thus eliminating the need to install multiple cables for more efficient cabling in the analog CCTV security and surveillance environment

Additionally, the product converts 24VAC to 12VDC to allow 12VDC cameras to be remotely powered from a central 24VAC CCTV power supply.

The CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun is installed at the camera side and works in conjunction with MuxLab’s CCTV Power-Thru Balun (500024), Passive CCTV Power Integrator Hub (500136) or Passive CCTV Hub (500130) for a complete cabling solution.

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