CG-1800 | Video Sync / Master Clock Generator

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Ideal for small to large-scale video/audio synchronization systems
The CG-1800 master clock generator generates NTSC, PAL and HD Tri-level video clock - as well as word clock through BNC, AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs - ensuring compatibility with any synchronization system

The internal clock employs the high-precision OCXO that is not impacted by environment temperature

All models use a high-precision OCXO (oven-controlled crystal oscillator) that boasts a clock frequency precision of ±0.01ppm*1 and a frequency stability of ±0.005ppm per day. The jitter management circuit developed by TASCAM reduces external clock jitters, enabling a stable clock signal to video and word outputs, while a glitch-free relock circuit maintains a sustained clock phase even during clock dropouts and recovery, thus effectively preventing noise and skipping from occurring, delivering high reliability and stability to users.

Easily check conditions if problems occur through logging and GPO parallel output

The CG-1800 comes equipped with 4 video outputs, 12 word clock outputs, two AES3/11 and two S/PDIF digital outputs, enabling the construction of large-scale synchronization systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with 2×Fs, 4×Fs, and 256×Fs outputs, as well as Pro Tools and other DAW systems.
The CG-1800 is developed so that the cause of any malfunctions can be investigated during maintenance when problem occurs. The termination of output equipment, measuring of the input level, and the analyzer function that measures input frequency are all included, supporting troubleshooting should a problem occurs, while the word clock's output level can be adjusted to different levels, allowing for optimum signal levels to be supplied to connecting equipment. As another function that supports the detection of problems, a logging function is also included.

User maintenance enabled by the self-calibration functions via external oscillators

Since crystal oscillators change over time, regular calibration is necessary in order to keep the oscillator in its best condition. The CG-1800 is equipped with a self-calibration function, enabling users to perform maintenance through easy operations. The design takes careful measures to attain durability, including the usage of the nut-coupling Amphenol BNC connectors that are extremely resistant against pulling and twisting, and independent circuit boards for each connector that prevent contact failures caused by twisting.
TASCAM's accumulated experience and know-how in digital synchronization technology through its development of professional equipment has been refined to create products specialized in clock synchronization. The CG-1800 is a lineup of professional-grade master clock generators that was the result of an exhaustive injection of TASCAM technology.

  • Form Factor: Rack-mountable
  • Height: 1.8"
  • Width: 19"
  • Depth: 12.2"

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