Compass Porcelain Steel Lapbaord (set of 4)

Sale price$595.64



Group learning and sharing made easy. Porcelain lapboards are versatile, erasable, and make learning fun.

Compact magnetic porcelain steel hand-held panels provide easy group communication and collaboration.

Designed to work with a wide variety of accessories, giving you maximum flexibility for classroom activities and projects.

Accessories include marker trays, marker clips, clamp mounts for desktop use (fit desktops from 3/4" to 1-3/4" thick), and wall mounts.

Please note: The desktop clamp mount will only fit on the 72"W Compass Makerspace Table. The other sizes have too shallow an overhang to accommodate the mount.

Designed for use with the Compass Grande Cabinet. Cabinet keeps your lapboards organized and close at hand, designed to accommodate lapboards inside and out.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

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