Compression Connector for RG-11 Plenum Cable (Pack of 25)

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Belden compression connector for RG-11 plenum cable. 75 Ohm. Patented center conductor guide and free-spinning nut design for easy, foolproof termination.

Belden 716SNS1P11HPLA-25 Snap-N-Seal ProSNS 7/16" "F" compression connector for RG-11 plenum cable has 75 Ohm impedance and a gray band.

Recommended tool CPLCCT-LS59/11. ProSNS F connectors use a patented, removable plastic sleeve guide for insertion of the center conductor.

As the center conductor is inserted, the guide is pushed forward and out from the front end.

This guides the insertion of the cable and helps identify when the cable center conductor is fully and properly inserted.

A patented internal O-ring at the base of the nut facilitates a free-spinning nut design to ease installation.

Belden Snap-N-Seal ProSNS connectors deliver a reliable connection for a variety of applications.

Designed for the Commercial and Residential Audio/Video, Security, and Broadband markets, this line of connectors provides a dependable, high-performance connection that meets or exceeds SCTE testing specifications for all your coax installations.

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