CPS 8.5 500 W/CH 8‑CH Amplifier

Sale price$5,526.00


The Electro-Voice CPS8.5 amplifier offers eight independent Class-D Variable Load Drive (VLD) amplifier blocks, each one capable of delivering up to 500 Watts into Low-Z or High-Z loads.

Per default, each channel can be configured individually for max. power output into either 2 Ω, 4 Ω, 70V- or 100V- networks without involvement of any output transformers.

Being designed for professional audio installation market, special care was taken for long term cost of ownership parameters: In addition to remarkably low current consumption and heat dissipation, the CPS8.5 provides remote standby switching with just 5 Watts consumption in standby mode.

An optional remote control module RCM-810 provides control and supervision features via IRIS-Net, including monitoring of amplifier status and real time load supervision.

In addition, via RCM-810 the Variable Load Drive characteristics can be set for max. power output into any load between 2 Ω and 10 Ω, in steps of 0.1 Ω.
  • Eight channels in one compact rack-efficient unit
  • 500 W per channel
  • 70/100 V operation for distributed systems
  • Class-D design for optimum efficiency
  • Slot for optional RCM-810 module, allowing IRIS-Net control and monitoring
  • IRIS-Net selection of each channel's impedance (2-10 Ω in 0.1 Ω steps)
  • Rear-mounted attenuators
  • Switchable 50 Hz high-pass filter (Hi-Z mode)
  • Complete protection: thermal, overload, shorts, HF, DC, back-EMF, inrush current
  • Phoenix-type input and output connections
  • Remote power-on/off contact
  • Programmable power-on delay settings
  • Front-to-rear fans

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