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Camera, and microphone remote collaboration device.

  • Newly developed SoundCap Eye™
  • 4K Camera with Smart Framing
  • One-USB connection to start the collaboration
  • Engineered Adaptive echo canceller and Noise reduction
  • Hexa-microphone Beamforming
  • Iconic mute button of remote control
  • Multiple installation options

Yamaha's CS-500 Video Collaboration System uses the latest AI technology to combine voice and video data to deliver the most accurate, real-time hybrid collaboration experience.

Yamaha's newly developed SoundCap Eye™ technology locates exactly the positions of participants and tracks them while they are moving, reduces distracting background noise and adjusts the volume. This creates a relaxed and enjoyable remote meeting experience unlike any other. It’s like a skilled movie director, cameraman and sound director working together behind the scenes!

With its Easy Launch feature and multiple mounting options, the new CS Series products are made for use in any environment - even noisy, open office spaces. Collaborate and connect easily without hassle.

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