DDB-BN2ML, Bi-Directional Mic/Line Dante Interface

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Bi-Directional Mic/Line Dante Interface 2 x 2 w/PoE - 1 XLR In and 1 Mini-jack In, 2 Out on Rear-Panel Terminal Block - Black

The DDB-BN2ML is a complete wall-mounted Dante audio network interface. It features one XLR mic or line input and one mono-summed Mini-jack line input on the front panels, plus two line outputs on a rear-panel detachable terminal block.

Special software is not required to configure the DDB-BN2ML.

The XLR input provides three switches that may be set from the front of the unit when the cover plate is not installed.

One switch enables or disables P48 phantom; the second switch selects the mic or line gain range; the third switch sets the gain.

The Mini-jack input accepts mono or stereo unbalanced line-level sources that are summed to mono.

Each rear-panel output provides a switch to set the output to balanced professional or unbalanced consumer level.

The DDB-BN2ML fits a standard US dual-gang electrical box or an RDL WB-2 back box for installations in thinner European or equivalent walls.

The DDB-BN2ML is PoE powered, and is available in multiple finishes with optional customized graphics.

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