HDMI2.0 Auto Sensing Room Controller

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4K60 4:4:4 18G HDMI Auto Sensing room controller with RS232, Relay, and CEC control w/ analog and digital audio de-embed.


The DigitaLinx DL-UHDILC is an HDMI in-line controller that can automate room peripherals and sink devices when a video signal is introduced to the unit. The DL-UHDILC is 4K compatible, supports HDCP version 2.2, has an analog and digital de-embedded audio output and has 15 built in EDID presets that can be adjusted by the rotary dial on the front panel.

When the DL-UHDILC auto-detects an input video signal, the DL-UHDILC will automatically turn a display or projector on either by CEC or by pre-loaded RS232 serial commands. The DL-UHDILC will trigger the first relay port to switch a projector screen or window shade down. When a video signal is no longer present after a specified amount of time, the DL-UHDILC will turn off the display or projector by either CEC or pre-loaded RS232 commands and will trigger the second relay port to switch a projector screen or window shade up.

Features and Benefits

  • Stand alone signal sensing controller powers on/off display when signal is presented/removed
  • Automates room peripherals when video signal is introduced to system via RS232 or CEC and Contact closures
  • Passes HDMI & HDMI 2.0 signals up to 18G 4K60 4:4:4
  • Built in CEC controller from HDMI out.
  • Built in RS232 controller to control display device
  • Built in RELAY control for room peripherals such as projector screen or window shade
  • De-embeds audio to coax S/PDIF or Stereo
  • Switch for EDID Management with 15 EDID presets


  • Simply connect your HDMI source to trigger RS232 and relay commands
  • Automated system control for small HDMI applications
  • Small Boardroom, Huddle Room, Education applications
  • Residential Flat Panel and theater control

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