DisplayPort Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable, 10ft (black)

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10ft (3m) DisplayPort™ Male to HDMI® Male Adapter Cable - Black - 54327

This DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable is an easy and convenient solution for connecting an HDMI monitor to a DisplayPort computer in your home or your office.

This adapter cable carries a digital audio/video signal, supports up to a 1080p resolution and meets the requirements of high performance applications.

Avoid frustration by simply plugging the male DisplayPort into your computer and then plug the male HDMI into your monitor or projector.

The cable form factor of this adapter provides a simple and convenient solution that eliminates the need for a separate adapter and cable.

This adapter cable automatically converts the digital DisplayPort signal to HDMI, supporting full HD up to a 1080p resolution.


  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p
  • Directly connect a DisplayPort output to a HDMI input
  • Carries a digital audio/video signal

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