Dock Pro Universal 4K Quad Docking Station

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A Docking Station Like No Other

Designed for true power users, the IOGEAR Dock Pro Universal 4K Docking Station is the ultimate work from home professional accessory.

Connect to four 4K monitors with interchangeable HDMI® and DisplayPort port connections without the need for additional video adapters.

With built-in USB-A and USB-C, easily connect to five high-performance devices. Take advantage of the true potential of any Windows or Mac laptop with Gigabit Ethernet port, SD/Micro SD reader and audio port.

4K Quad View Displays

Expand your desktop with up to four 4K monitors without needing a video adapter. The Universal 4K Docking Station includes 4 HDMI connection ports and 4 DisplayPort connection ports, allowing you to connect any configuration of monitors for your workstation. Integrated DisplayLink chipset enables most USB-C laptops up to four at 4K @30Hz resolution.

Designed for Power Users

Need more from your laptop? The dock's multiple port options provide everything a power user might need from multiple external hard drives, SD card readers or wired internet.

Multiple USB Ports

With built-in five USB-A and USB-C 10Gb/s ports (USB 3.2 Gen.2), plug in a variety of different power users' essentials from keyboards, mice, external hard drives and more with unparalleled speeds

Dual Power Options

Power your dock and connected devices with either the provided DC power adapter or plug in using a USB Type C power adapter to utilize dynamic power distribution for any connected laptops or peripherals

Ultimate Compatibility

With integrated DisplayLink® chipset, the dock is compatible with all USB-C computers including Windows and Mac OS platforms

The Dock Pro is also compatible with most USB-C tablets such as the iPad Pro or Windows tablets. Connect and charge your tablet to experience new connectivity options.


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