ME 27"

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The first-ever Zoom for Home device brings instant productivity and immersive in-office collaboration to remote working through your personal Zoom account.

Build rapport and work together with colleagues from anywhere. Zoom for Home - DTEN ME delivers production quality video, and the 27’’ multi-touch display screen invites interactivity.

Ideal for the Home Office

Combining advanced DTEN hardware with Zoom software, this all-in-one device replaces the need for webcams and other devices that clutter your desk.

Lifelike Interaction

The smart three-camera arrow provides lifelike video and the 27’’ hyper-responsive multi-touch display enables you to see colleagues and content clearly.

Virtual Receptionist (Kiosk Mode)

Remotely screen, greet and register visitors and employees using an individual or group of remote receptionists - all with a single tap on the screen.

Personalized for You

Right out of the box, it has all the tools of your Zoom account to start collaborating: Calendar, Meeting setting, Available/Busy status, and Zoom Phone.

HD Multi-Touch Display

Zoom for Home - DTEN ME was built for collaboration, with a 27’’ hyper-responsive touch display that keeps up with the speed of your ideas. Instantly share saved whiteboards with others.

Clearly Capture the Room

Smart 3-camera array provides lifelike interaction with attendees. A 160-degree horizontal Field of View means everyone has a seat at the table, no matter where they are.

Clear Sound with Audio AI

8-microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, acoustic echo cancellation, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and AI-based noise cancellation remove distracting noise.

Installation in Minutes

The lightweight (14.5 lbs) and ultra thin (0.5”) design makes it easy to move and the easy installation will have you up and running in minutes. Just plug it in and it just works!

Phone Booths

It’s just one-touch to start Zoom, make a call, or launch the whiteboard for real-time collaboration in any space, maximizing the space in your Phone Booths

Huddle and Focus Rooms

The Zoom for Home - DTEN ME’s 27” Full HD 10-point multi-touch display and smart 3-camera array helps you see and interact with all participants, even in small spaces.

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