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The DTEN ONboard is the ultimate collaboration centerpiece for the new hybrid workflow.

A persistent interactive whiteboard is available before, during, and after a meeting for hybrid teams to access both inside and outside of the meeting.

Display participants on the main Zoom Rooms display, with dedicated presentation and collaboration space on the DTEN ONboard. Every attendee can contribute to the interactive whiteboard session - regardless of whether they are remote or in-person.

In minutes, the DTEN ONboard is ready for its first collaboration session. Easy networking over Wi-Fi or Ethernet makes for seamless pairing with an existing Zoom Room.

ONboard can be used as a companion digital whiteboard or as a standalone appliance.
Additionally, the ONboard can be used for Digital Signage when not in use or as a wayfinding map for Workspace Reservation.

The ONboard’s crisp 4K multi-touch display elicits interaction and instantly serves as the collaboration centerpiece in any space becomes the epicenter of productive group collaboration.

As Companion Whiteboard, ONboard seamlessly integrates with other attached Zoom Rooms appliances including controllers, soundbars and video capture equipment.

Built for intuitive, seamless interaction, the ONboard’s sleek product design and styling elicits interaction in any space. Simply tap the screen to start collaborating on the 4K multi-touch display.

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