Wall Stand (Electric Height-Adjustable)

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SMART Wall Stand Electric, WSE-410, UL certified - WSE-410

Designed for the current line of SMART Board interactive displays in North America, the SMART electric height-adjustable wall stand features 39" (99 cm) of powered height adjustment.

Safety features include a safety stop mechanism that reverses direction briefly if an obstruction is encountered and a controller that locks height adjustment automatically to ensure that only people with proper training or supervision can use the stand.

With its sturdy steel frame, the stand supports displays up to 86" (218 cm) diagonal that weigh up to 200 lb (91 kg). The stand supports a maximum weight of 227 lb. (103 kg) with a display and accessories.

The stand has a UL-certified drive system, is certified to UL 962 for Usage Area II, and complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

The stand also includes VESA mounting points for easy installation of the display and peripherals and a surge-protected power bar.


  • Powered height adjustment  With its 39 3/8" (99 cm) of electric-powered height adjustment, you can easily adjust the height of a mounted display with the press of a button.
  • Automatic height-adjustment saftey lock The stand’s height-adjustment mechanism locks automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity.
  • Height adjustment safety limits The stand features height-adjustment limits to prevent the stand from hitting objects that are in the height-adjustment path.
  • Saftey bounce-back mechanism The stand features a safety mechanism to prevent injury and damage when raising and lowering a display. If an obstruction is encountered while the stand is being raised or lowered, the stand will stop and reverse direction briefly.
  • Power bar The power bar, mounted on the side of the stand, has surge protection and can be used for connecting a display and accessories to power.
  • Sturdy steel frame The sturdy steel frame allows the stand to support displays up to 86" (218 cm) diagonal and 80" (203 cm) wide and that weigh 200 lb. (91 kg). It supports a maximum weight of 227 lb. (103 kg) with a display and accessories.
  • Americans with Disabilitites Act (ADA) compliance The stand’s design meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards.

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