EM195A Desk Top Mic

Sale price$90.00


Ampetronic offer a small range of microphones primarily for use with one to one systems, counter systems and small area coverage systems such as the CLD1 and ILD100.

All the microphones have an unbalanced connection and derive power from the host equipment eliminating the need for batteries. By using the Ampetronic MAT1 adapter, it is possible to use the microphones with balanced lines having ±15V phantom power, such as those on Ampetronic’s preamplifiers and larger loop drivers.

The desk microphone EM195A is a directional unit providing good sound pickup with reduced ambient noise and reverberation. If has a weighted base for stability when used free standing, alternatively it can be fixed
to the edge of an upright panel using the rotational mounting coupling included.

Colour Black
Cable length 2m
Weight 370g Accessories Weighted Base

Rotational mounting coupling

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