EVA-2082S 906 | Dual Element 90°x6° Full‑Range Line Array Module

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Dual‑element 90°x6° full‑range line‑array module

  • High performance, cost-effective 
  • Ideal for fixed-installation line arrays 
  • Two array elements in each module 
  • Two 8-inch low-distortion woofers 
  • Four 1.25-inch titanium diaphragm HF drivers 
  • Advanced Hydra(R) plane wave generators 
  • High sensitivity (104 dB) for high output 
  • Super efficient: drive up to 8 boxes from a single amp channel 
  • Sixth-order passive crossover with HF protection 
  • Integrated hidden suspension hardware 
  • Choice of three finishes: indoor, PI and fiberglass 
  • EVADA (EVA Design Assistant) software tool

The Electro-Voice EVA Series (Expandable Vertical Array) is designed to provide full bandwidth, well defined coverage from easily created line arrays using four different preconfigured 2-way modules.

Two vertical coverage angles, 6° and 20°, can be combined to create line arrays optimized for spaces ranging from 12m (40ft) to greater than 60m (200ft) deep.

Two horizontal coverage angles, 90° and 120°, provide the perfect match for any width. Each module consists of two elements, each 2-way element containing an 8” woofer and two compression drivers mounted on a hydra/waveguide combination.

High order passive networks couple the element’s transducers, and the array element to additional elements to provide plane wave radiation and response equal to DSP-driven high-end systems.

Impedance management allows full array drive (up to 4 modules) from a single amplifier channel at 4 ohms. Matching sub- woofer module is available when response below 50 Hz is required.

EVA systems can be used in a variety of fixed installation applications where high quality sound reinforcement and even coverage are required from a compact , lightweight, unobtrusive array.

EVA-2082 modules utilize four DH2005 high output 1.25” titanium com- pression drivers, mounted on two Hydra® plane wave generators and two waveguides. The result is smooth response to 20 kHz and excellent pattern control in both planes.

The EVS2008 8” woofer is designed for line array use to provide very low distortion and maximum intelligibility at high SPL levels. The crossover features steep 36 dB/octave slopes with equalization for very smooth re- sponse in the vocal range, extended HF, and a protection circuit for long term reliability.

It includes a user definable shading capability to finely adjust the line array to the audience area.

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