EVA-2082S/920 | Dual Element 90°x20° Full-Range Line Array Module

Sale price$4,128.00


Dual 8” Two-Way 90° x 20° Full-Range Dual Element Line Array Module - EVA2082S/920BLK

Two-way, LF/HF line-array module with a 90° horizontal x 20° vertical coverage pattern (for short throws) and passive crossover/HF-shading/EQ network. The enclosure is trapezoidal in the vertical plane with a 20° total included angle. The two line-array elements contained in the module are vertically splayed by 10°.

  • High performance, cost-effective 
  • Ideal for fixed-installation line arrays 
  • Two array elements in each module 
  • Two 8-inch low-distortion woofers 
  • Four 1.25-inch titanium diaphragm HF drivers 
  • Advanced Hydra(R) plane wave generators 
  • High sensitivity (104 dB) for high output 
  • Super efficient: drive up to 8 boxes from a single amp channel 
  • Sixth-order passive crossover with HF protection 
  • Integrated hidden suspension hardware 
  • Choice of three finishes: indoor, PI and fiberglass 
  • EVADA (EVA Design Assistant) software tool

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