EVERSE 8 Rain Cover | Rain Resistant Cover for EVERSE 8

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EVERSE 8 rain cover

  • IP44 rated rain cover.
  • Included bottom flap for tripod position with the cover.
  • Included handle pocket to carry the speaker with the cover.

IP rating
The EVERSE 8 with the rain cover installed is rated for IP44, but only in upright and kickback orientations, and only when used properly as defined in these instructions.
Some water may pool at the bottom of the rain cover when exposed for an extended period of time. Remove the speaker from the bag to allow both to dry properly. When using the rain cover, the weatherized input cover is optional to achieve the IP44 rating.

When the rain cover is installed, the EVERSE 8 loudspeaker is designed to be weather resistant to IP44 standards, but not waterproof. The weather resistance may be reduced by damage, repair, improper disassembly, and regular wear and tear. Always inspect the EVERSE 8 and accessories before and after every use. Allow the loudspeaker and components to dry before storage or between uses.
The EVERSE 8 loudspeaker with rain cover installed is intended only for temporary use in wet or damp environments. The loudspeaker is not intended to be exposed continuously to moisture over long periods of time. Do not expose to salt water or spray, do not expose to chlorine or use in high chlorine environments.

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