EVID C10.1 | 10" High‑Power Ceiling Subwoofer

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10" High Performance Subwoofer - Complete with Can Enclosure, Tile Rails, and Mounting Ring - for 70v/100v or 8-ohm Operation. Taps at 60, 30, 15, 7.5, and 3.75 Watts (Pair) - EVIDC10.1

The Electro-Voice EVID C10.1 loudspeaker system is a complete low frequency ceiling subwoofer package. The EVID C10.1 is designed to augment the low frequency response of any EVID ceiling speaker. The package consists of a bezel assembly, grille, rear enclosure, 10-inch loudspeaker and internal linematching transformer. The EVID C10.1 loudspeaker utilizes a 2nd order crossover network to provide the correct band-pass frequency response for use with any EVID Ceiling loud speaker.

  • Supplemental LF for ceiling systems
  • High-excursion woofer in ported enclosure for extended lows
  • Low pass network with overload protection
  • Integrated transformer for 70 V, 100 V, or 8 Ω use
  • Front-panel mode/wattage selector
  • Internally damped heavy-gauge steel enclosure
  • Safe, easy installation with included tile bridge and mounting ring
  • White semi-gloss perforated grille
  • Complete package, requires no additional accessories

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