GearPower™ 60W USB-C GaN Charger

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  • Charge USB-C devices up to 3Xs faster* with up to 60W of power
  • Intelligently detects power needs; auto-adjusts charging output
  • Compact charger powers** most laptops, tablets & smartphones
  • Ideal for travel or as a replacement for OEM chargers
  • GaN Techology offers up to 40% energy savings & 20% lower system costs

Big Power in a Compact Design

IOGEAR's GearPower™ Smart USB-C 60W GaN Charger accommodates the power demands of USB-C devices such as a laptop or tablet with a charging capacity of up to 60W on its single port. With its compact design, the smart charger will easily find a home on the kitchen counter, nightstand, in the office or on the road with you.

Charge Faster With GaN Techology

Charge up to three times faster than traditional lithium-ion chargers with the pocket-sized GaN-powered GearPower™ Smart USB-C 60W GaN Charger. The days of carrying around multiple power bricks and waiting hours for your smartphone or laptop to charge is a thing of the past. GaN technology offers up to three times higher power density, 40% greater energy savings, and 20% lower system costs.

Intelligently Powered

The GaN charger intelligently and automatically senses power needs up to 60W to accommodate the power demands of most USB-C devices on its single port through a USB Type C to USB Type C cable.

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