Heavy Duty Cathedral Ceiling Adaptor for Projectors and Flat Panel Displays

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Peerless-AV’s Heavy Duty Projector Mount is designed to simplify the installation and alignment of heavy, large venue projectors.

The Hook-and-Hang feature provides a large landing area when securing a projector to the mount.

The tilt, roll and swivel features are all lockable to prevent even the smallest shift to the image.

Dedicated adaptor plates are made for each OEM projector manufacturer and are designed to place the center of gravity in the center of the mount, making adjustments effortless.

Universal mounts are not recommended for these heavy projectors as they can be difficult to balance which can lead to projector sag over time.

  • Low profile design creates an aesthetically appealing look
  • Lock the projector at any angle with the adjustment screws
  • Dedicated adaptor plates (sold separately) are designed to each specific projector’s center of gravity
  • Pre-assembled design reduces installation time
  • Cable management allows cables to be routed through projector mount and out of sight
  • A safety cable is included to provide a second level of assurance
  • Multiple locations are built-in to secure cabling from the column to the projector
  • Tilt: +15/-5° Roll: ±5° Swivel: 360°
  • Simple Hook-and-Hang™ design eases the installation of heavy projectors
  • ±1.5" (38mm) of lateral shift built into the mount
  • Works with Peerless-AV® ADD%, AEC%, EXT%, MOD% extension columns

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