I-Beam Mounts for Digital Signage Displays

Size: Up to 12" Wide
Sale price$595.09


The Peerless-AV® I-Beam Mount is the perfect solution for securing displays to various sized I-beams, both indoors and outdoors.
This product can be used in indoor manufacturing applications looking to create digital dashboards on the production floor to display KPI reporting, Six Sigma initiatives, or even branded content during customer visits.
The mount’s corrosion resistant design allows for outdoor use in stadiums, arenas, or parking garages with limited wall mounting space.
  • IMAM designed for up to 12" wide beams
  • IMAL designed for 12" to 24.5" wide beams
  • Threaded rods (included) can be cut-to-length to accommodate a variety of I-beam depths
  • Corrosion resistant design
  • Supports both landscape and portrait mounting solutions
  • Includes adaptors, threaded rod and mounting hardware for the selected wall mount
  • Compatible with the following Peerless-AV® Indoor Wall Mount Models: SF630, SF632, SF640, SF650, SF660, ST630, ST632, ST640, ST650, ST660, SP730P, SP740P, SP746PU, SA730P, SA740P, SA746PU, PF630, PF632, PF640, PF650, PF660, PT630, PT632, PT640, PT650, PT660, PP730P, PP740P, PA730P, PA740P, PA746P
  • Compatible with the following Peerless-AV® Outdoor Wall Mount Models: EPT640, EPT650, EWMU, ESF655P, EST655P

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