Indoor Cellular Panel Antennas | 50 Ohm

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Wilson Indoor Wall Mount Antenna 50 Ohm Band 71, 617 -960 MHz & 1710- 2700 MHz with N-Female

  • Indoor directional 4G Antenna
  • Easy installation
  • Most popular in-building antenna
  • 50 and 75-Ohm variants
  • Up to +10.6 dB gain

About Wilson Indoor Cellular Panel Antennas

Most signal boosters are kitted with panel antennas. They are wall-mounted and send signals in a directional cone ranging from 45 to 70 degrees. Having such a narrow focus allows for stronger signal at the source (i.e. the closer to the panel antenna, the better the signal).

On average, they give 75 feet of coverage. This varies depending on how strong the outside signal is. If there is strong signal outside, there will be more coverage. Weak signal areas will get less.

We offer the following panel antennas:

  • Wilson 75-Ohm Indoor Panel Antenna, F-Type Termination, 698-2700 MHz (311155)
  • Wilson 50-Ohm Indoor Panel Antenna V1, N-Type Termination, 698-2700 MHz (311135)
  • Wilson 50-Ohm Indoor Panel Antenna V2, N-Type Termination, 617-2700 MHz (311234)

The important bits to note are the ohmage and bandwidths the antennas cover. All our panel antennas are wideband, which means they cover all North American carriers. The V2 can also cover T-Mobile 5G if you have a booster and outdoor antenna which can handle that.

Be sure to purchase panel antennas with the correct ohmage for your system. Each of these panel antennas comes with a wall mount for easy installation.

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