KDS-USB2-EN USB 2.0 High–Speed Extension Encoder

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USB 2.0 High–Speed Extension Encoder

KDS−USB2−EN is a USB 2.0 high−speed encoder for extending USB signals between a host computer and any USB peripheral device such as a mouse, keyboard, display, camera, mobile device, media player, or hard drive. KDS−USB2−EN connects to a host computer enabling communication with the USB devices that are connected to a KDS−USB2−DEC decoder (sold separately).

KDS−USB2−EN can be paired with one KDS−USB2−DEC decoder for basic one−to−one USB extension, but with the purchase of additional units, you can diversify your USB extension system. For example, connect USB cameras in multiple locations to one computer or enable users in multiple locations to collaborate using the same host computer over a Local Area Network (LAN), in real time, using their own keyboards, mice and touch screens. Using Kramer’s cloud−based control platform, you can map and/or control these multi−unit setups.

  • High–Speed Extension — Extends USB 2.0 signals up to 100 m with CAT 5e/6/7 cables, and up to 10km with fiber optics cable. Achieves USB 2.0 throughput up to 480 Mbps point–to–point or over LAN.
    Note: Use recommended Kramer cables for best performance.
  • Extend Multiple Devices — Connect to all 4 decoder (sold separately) ports simultaneously with 5 Volts, 500 mA available on each port.
  • Collaboration — Pair up to seven decoders (sold separately) to one encoder/host computer for extended, multi–location collaboration.
  • SwitchableUSB™ — Construct one–to–many and many–to–many unit setups using Kramer’s cloud–based control platform to manage the mapping and switch the connections.
  • Reliable and Certified — Passes all key USB–IF compliance tests and FCC/CE Class B certified.
  • True Plug and Play — No software drivers required.
  • Compatibility — Works with all major operating systems including Windows®, macOS™ and Linux®.

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