Commercial Grade 12 AWG 2-Conductor Cable Reel (1,000 Feet)

Color: Black 1000'
Sale price$1,000.00


1000' Black Commercial Grade General Purpose 12 AWG 2-Conductor Cable Reel.

2 conductor 12 AWG stranded, twisted, and unshielded cable NEC type CL3R and CEC type CMG FT4 for Audio Only. Product manufactured compliant to the requirements of UL13 for installations and applications in accordance with NEC article 725.


Riser commercial and residential speaker level audio. Riser 70V commercial speaker audio. Riser Class 2 and 3 power.


Speaker level audio to 120 feet.


Pull Tension: 98 Lbs | 436 N

Bend radius: 2.80" | 72mm unloaded

Bend radius: 5.60" | 144mm loaded


Flame rated polyvinyl chloride

Colors: Black
Wall thickness: 0.020" | 0.51mm Diameter: 0.280" | 7.11mm


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