USB-C Wall Plate Extension Set

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70M 4K Single gang Decora USB-C wall plate extends AV up to 4K and USB2.0 High Speed data

Features and Benefits

  • Box format Transmitter and Receiver set with accessories
  • Single Gang Decora wall plate extends USB-C data and DP Alt Mode AV up to 70M converting to HDMI & USB-A at the receiver
  • Two port USB-A client hub on wall plate allows for easy connections of USB peripherals such as USB Mic's, keyboard/mouse, & document cameras
  • Second USB-C port allows connection of host devices charger providing charging power to connected device enabling single cable connectivity from device to wall plate
  • Single power supply at the receiver provides power over category cable to the wall plate transmitter
  • two port USB-A hub on receiver for additional USB client connectivity such as interactive smart boards, cameras, keyboard & mouse


The Digitalinx DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W HDBaseT 2.0 extender set transmits video, audio, USB High Speed Data (up to 190Mbps) from a single USB-C connected source and RS232 over single category 6 F/UTP or better twisted pair cable converting the AV to HDMI at the receiver. The DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W can transmit 4K resolutions up to 4K@60Hz, 4:2:0 up to 40m / 131’ and 1080P up to 70m / 230’. The audio circuit is completely separate and is not dependent on the USB-C input source to be active. The wall plate transmitter and receiver each include a 2 port USB-A hub allowing for easy USB expansion and connection of other peripherals such as a camera, touch screen, microphone, or others to the connected source / host device over a single USB-C cable. The Digitalinx DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W is HDMI 1.4b and HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports CEC pass through.The Digitalinx DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W supports multiple audio formats including Dolby Digital,DTS,LPCM.

The DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W HDBaseT receiver powers wall plate transmitter via HDBaseT so there is no need for an external power supply for the wall plate. The DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W does have an optional USB-C charge port that only provides power to the main USB-C port. This port works by using the connected devices charger. When the charger is connected, the chargers power up to 65w will be injected into the USB-C AV/Data port allowing the connected device to remain charged while in use.

The DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W has an EDID Dipswitch to allow EDID selection.

The DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W is sold only as a set. The individual transmitter and receiverare not compatible with other HDBaseT devices due to proprietary PoE circuitry.


• DL-1UC1A-WPKT-W Wall plate extender set
• (2) Phoenix Connector
• (2) Mounting Ears with Mounting Screws
• 24V 1A Power Adapter with US, UK, AU AND EU Power Adapters

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