MediaSpace Cart | PanaCast 50 Edition

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Stylish addition to any multimedia space. Attractive and modern appeal with flexible technology support.

Sleek and stylish MediaSpace Flat Panel Cart provides safe and easy flat panel mobility while adding modern utility to any multimedia environment.

Features a stylish and durable design, and accommodates a flat panel display up to 60"/125 lbs.

Scratch-resistant white laminate finish with powder-coated black steel support.

Back panel is removable for easy access to equipment and cables.

Adjustable bracket provides optimum viewing angle.

Keep cables under control with wiring channel in main pillar and multiple grommets, keeping the appearance clean and minimalist.

Four casters provide easy mobility and lock for stability.

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

The intelligent video bar that gives everyone an equal meeting experience

PanaCast 50 is packed with game-changing Jabra technology to upgrade the hybrid meeting experience and make sure everyone can see and hear clearly.

Our inclusive 180° field of view shows more of your space than any other video bar on the market, and our signature world-leading professional audio gives everyone equal say, so the conversation flows naturally between virtual and in-the-room participants, just like when they’re sat right next to each other.

But what really sets PanaCast 50 apart is its unique AI-powered adaptive architecture which keeps your device at the forefront of video technology for evolving user needs. It also drives the intelligent features to help you follow exactly what’s going on – whether you’re sat anywhere in the room, or dialing in from afar.


connect to three USB 3.0 devices and can switch them between two hosts. It will switch automatically to a laptop when it is connected, and revert back to the room pc when disconnected. It can also be controlled remotely by RS-232 or GPI.

  • Three USB 3.0 device ports
  • Switch between two USB 3.0 hosts
  • Compatible to USB 2.0
  • Automatic, manual or remote control
  • RS-232 control
  • GPI contact-closure control
  • Can automatically switch to the last connected host
  • Rugged full-metal enclosure
  • External power supply can provide power to the USB 3.0 devices
  • Two USB 3.0 cables is included

The 55" NEC E558

A direct-lit, commercial-grade display, is ideal for education, corporate and other digital signage applications. Compared to previous generation displays, this model's 4K UHD resolution and LED direct backlighting allows for higher visual acuity, reduced power consumption and localized dimming that gives a higher dynamic contrast ratio.

The E558 has an integrated ATSC/NTSC tuner and dual 10W speakers allow users to enjoy high-definition broadcast capabilities.

This display also features a USB player in which video, audio or JPEG picture files can be loaded and played in sequence for signage purposes.

  • 4K UHD resolution allows for high end visual acuity
  • Integrated multimedia USB player makes digital signage simple
  • Direct LED backlighting reduces power consumption while localized dimming gives a greater dynamic contrast ratio
  • Thinner bezel improves display's aesthetics
  • 24-Hour On/Off timer maintains power schedules
  • Video signal wake-up function allows for plug and play functionality


  • MooreCo MediaSpace Flat Panel Cart
  • Jabra PanaCast (Black)
  • Inogeni Toggle BYOD Switcher
  • 55" NEC E558
  • All Necessary Cables & Components

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