Meeting Owl Tripod (discontinued)

Sale price$149.00


Mount your Meeting Owl for greater in-room flexibility.

Our brushed aluminum tripod has fully-adjustable telescoping legs with multi-angle leg locks to customize your Meeting Owl setup.

Comes with a zippered black vinyl carrying case for easy transport.


Meeting Owl 3 and Meeting Owl Pro (Not compatible with the Whiteboard Owl)


39 inches (1 meter)

Please note that the maximum height capability of the Meeting Owl Tripod is up to 75 inches (190 centimeters), but any damages sustained to the Meeting Owl if it drops from over 1 meter high are not covered by the Meeting Owl's standard warranty.


Tripod head’s integrated D-ring screw designed to integrate with the Meeting Owl’s ¼”-20 screw thread


Tripod screw can be tightened by hand or with a flat head screwdriver


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